Press Kit

TabSchool has taken its entire IT structure to the cloud and boasts of providing services that exceed the global benchmarks.
Our robust and cost effective technology is being utilised by several leading education institutes and individual users who
have found our approach to education intriguing and refreshing. TabSchool offers a special community feature which
students will particularly benefit from. Discuss your opinions and ask any queries and the members of the community
will respond. TabSchool helps transform the process of learning from a lecture into a discussion where everyone gets
to share their opinion thus making Digital Education a realty.

Our Vision

Tabschool is a result of passionate research of digital education. It is a cloud based education software that focuses on students’
progress though easy and successful learning. The main aim is to transform education into modern and interactive structure.
Our vision is to make education accessible to everyone and with this firm idea; we have determined to change the whole face of
education industry for the betterment of teachers, students and nation.

Learning Management Software
Learning Management Software